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Letter to my friends.

Number 3

Hi kids,

We’ve been swimming.

I went to the swimming baths with Don, Arnold and Marmaduke after school yesterday. We had a great time.
Marmaduke can swim under water; he uses his trunk as a snorkel! How cool is that then kids? It was when he did a belly flopper from the diving board that the fun really started. Water went flying everywhere. It was so funny, everybody trying to get out of his way. Well what would you do if you saw a mammoth coming down on top of you? We couldn't stop laughing.
We had a race too and I won, I really did! I was wearing the new flippers I'd got for my birthday, they're mint! They certainly certainly seem to help me to go faster. May be if I used an outboard motor that would be even better. Herh! Herh! Herh!
You should see Don's new, very colourful, swimming trunks, all purple and yellow stripes; quite horrible really but they are the colours of Rockingham Rovers, the football team he supports. I tell him the team are rubbish; He should support a good one like Blue Star United, which, of course, I do!
I'll be writing again soon.
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Stay cool kids