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Colour Me In!
Colour Me In Colour Me In

Would you like to print one or more of these drawings from my book 'Dillon Dinosaur The Super-Hero' so that you may colour them in? If so, first make certain that your printer is ready to print in portrait format, second click on the drawing you would like to print and it will become bigger, then use the normal print button which is on this web page. It is free. Good luck and happy colouring.


Colouring Books

A book of 37 drawings to colour based on the stories in two books, 'Dillon Dinosaur Forms A Pop Group' and 'Cyril The Squirrel And A Day At The Seaside,' also written by Peter Barratt, is available through the shop on my website, price £2.80 plus a contribution to the cost of postage and packing to the UK of £1.30, or at a generally higher level beyond the UK.

More Colouring Books are now becoming available but each of these is based on the story in one book from my Dillon Dinosaur series. Further details are shown on the My Books page of this website. I hope you like them.

 Colouring Book