Dillon The Dinosaur
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About Us

Hi kids, 

I’m Dillon Dinosaur. I live in the village of Boulderville with my Mum and Dad.

My friends are Don, (a Hyperodapedon, a name not recommended for repetition),

Arnold, (a Peltephilus)

and Marmaduke, (a Mammoth).

We have lots of fun around the village and hope that you will enjoy reading about our adventures.

Meg, (a Megatherium), is the owner of the Boulderville Sweet Shop and she’s nice. We often go to see Meg, even just to talk to her and we get all our sweets there, especially our favourites, Volcano Bites.

Boulderville Park is the place where we best like to play on the swings, on the grass and amongst the trees and we go there a lot. The only problem is the Park Keeper, (a Triceratops), he’s a bit of a grump, not that he means to be grumpy, he’s just like that, but we don’t think he’s so nice because he keeps chasing us out of the Park.

Another friend of ours is Malcolm, the Mechanic from Boulderville Garage. We like Malcolm. He'll often stop his van to talk to us, especially if we wave him down. We find that he is always ready to have a laugh.


We’ve got our own pop group.

Marmaduke plays the drums, he does after all have an extra drumstick with that trunk of his and the rest of us play guitars while Arnold may instead play keyboards now and then. It’s really great! We practise together a lot and do so at each other’s houses at some time most weeks.         

All of us like to dress in the trendiest gear we can. I like to wear my baseball cap back to front and if I can wear my sunglasses with it and be playing my guitar at the same time, well that’s just mint!         

I’ll be writing to you regularly to tell you about our adventures in and around Boulderville. Look at my ‘Letter from Dillon’ Page. I hope you like reading it with your Mum and Dad as much as I like writing to you! 

Stay cool kids.