Dillon The Dinosaur
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The books are only available in a printed paperback format and in A4 size, 297 x 210 mm. They are not currently available for downloading.


This is the story of Dillon Dinosaur The Super-Hero, but in play form with music, which comprises 4 songs for children up to about 8 years of age to sing in unison. The chorus can be of any number.

There are 7 roles for individuals which should help in the development of children. A narrator, who could be a confident child or an adult, and a pianist of a reasonable standard are also required.

The books are available as Libretto (£5) and Vocal Score (£7) or a pack, suitable for a production of the Singthing, of Libretti (7) and Vocal Scores (2), plus one copy of song words that may be photocopied (£39). Additional copies of the Libretto and Vocal Score may be acquired at a similar rate of discount.

Book Type:

Our Singthing Vocal Scores and Libretti each have a front cover and about 21 pages and 11 pages respectively. An example of the coloured front cover is shown to the left of this column.

The price per book is £7.00 for a Vocal Score and £5.00 for a Libretto plus (in the UK) a £2.60 contribution towards our costs of postage and packing for up to any 9 copies of the Vocal Score or Libretto, or a mix of both to that number. This contribution to our costs of postage and packing increases if you (a) want more copies, (b) include one or more of our Picture or Colouring Books in your order or (c) want your purchases delivered to an address outside of the UK. Details of the modest postage and handling charge will be stated in our shop area when you provide details of the address to which you want the parcel delivered and you can see our scale of charges by using the facility that is available in our On Line Shop area.

If you wish to purchase a copy or copies of the paperback version(s) of the Vocal Score or Libretto, or a 'Pack' as described in the narrative below the picture to the left of this column, open up the 'Book Type' menu button below it by clicking on the downwards arrow, highlight your choice and then click the button reading 'add to order'. One item of your choice will be added to your shopping basket. You will then have the opportunity to add further copies to your order, or to continue shopping, or to go to our shop area check out where you will be asked to provide the information we need.